Monday, 3 December 2012

This Blog Has Moved!!!!

I have now fully moved across to my new blog over at The Fundamental Sine Wave.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Goodby BinaryZeroMusic. Hello New Blog. Read On For More :-)

Yes like many blog owners before me I have decided to rename and move my blog in order to create a better experience for all you lovely people who take the time to visit my blog!

Do not fret, I have imported all my posts that I have written over the last few years.  So why not have a dig through my archives when you visit my new blog and see what you find!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here running the Binary Zero Music blog but due to my upcoming massive musical re-branding I am now separating my artist content from my blog in order to create a more coherent experience for all you lovely folk!

So here it is, the grand unveiling.....drum roll please........:-)

My new blog is called The Fundamental Sine Wave
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Please note that this blog will no longer be updated. The end of one adventure and the beginning of a new adventure! I hope to see you all over on my new platform. We can all go on the adventure together. An adventure with freedom, news and great underground music. The Fundamental Sine Wave. See you all soon!

Love to you all.

Monday, 15 October 2012

MET Office Reveals Global Warming Ended 16 Years Ago

"The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new data released last week.  The figures, which have triggered debate among climate scientists, reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures. This means that the ‘plateau’ or ‘pause’ in global warming has now lasted for about the same time as the previous period when temperatures rose, 1980 to 1996. Before that, temperatures had been stable or declining for about 40 years. "

Read Full Article

Of course right at the end of the article they say that global warming is real but is happening much slower than predicted. This is not true in the slightest, global warming based on man's activities is simply not been proven to any verifiable level. Secondly the article mentions natural variance in the climate and it is these natural variances that come from the oceans, winds and mainly the sun that make up any global warming that we see in climate data.

All you need to ask is what are they gaining from pushing global warming on to us? Simple, a lot of money and the ability to control you and the energy you access. If you are sold the idea that your daily energy consumption is harming the planet then you may very well pay extra money to energy companies that provide "so called" greener options (most of which have been proven to be either extremely damaging to the environment or plain inefficient on a mass scale) and you may also find that companies will enforce tight control over your energy supply, rationing it through the use of smart meters or other such technology. However the biggest threat from smart meters is the fact that these boxes can see when you are in, when you are on holiday, when you use a toothbrush (literally), when you turn on the vacuum, pretty much everything you do. This information is already being sold to police and other government organisations over in the US and their will be plans to do the same here, if not already under way  In essence a smart meter is a surveillance device that tracks your every movement while you are at home

All because we got sold a steaming HOT pile of lies!!!!!

UPDATE - 15th October 2012 - 17:04pm

I believe this is the paper released by the MET Office: HADCRUT4 -

Also take a look at these papers HADSST3 -

Here is more of the data that seems to show a plateau in the last few years. What in fact I see is the beginning of a sine wave like pattern, a cycle that is in the process of reaching its peak, plateau and then will decline. Compare this with the HADSST3 papers (linked above) and they seem to show data that indicates temperatures have been slowly declining and then plateauing for a decade or more now. We certainly are living in warmer times than the 1900's but can this be attributed to man made global warming? During the age of dinosaurs the earth was warmer than it was now, did Dinosaurs have cars, or did they use electricity? During the medieval warm period did the donkey carts and horses create huge amounts of CO2? I think not; So can we really say that our lifestyle is causing any form of temperature rise when our planet has already been hotter than we are now in the near past and distant past! From a layman's perspective it seems clear that the earth goes in weather cycles, we are always either moving towards a minimum, maximum or at the peak of one of those.

I would say the Daily Mail report is accurate enough in its breakdown of the data (except the part about man causing global temperature rises). As stated in the article the scientists are deep in debate over this but be aware of the politics and that Government and the global elite fund a lot of the mainstream science in this field, making sure the results suit their agenda.

My advice is to look at it for yourself. Just because I or you may not be a scientist does not mean we cannot use our own critical thinking and attempt to analyse the data for ourselves! You should look through the data and the articles and decide on your own! After all the information is their, they have made it public. Decide on your terms, not mine or theirs......decide on yours!

Love to you all.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Heartbeats Documentary Premiere + Aftershow Party - November 2nd

Come along and watch the premier of the Heartbeats Documentary and discover one of Glasgow’s best up and coming electronic music collectives. Then catch us live at the aftershow party! You electro lovers are so lucky :-)

Here is the press release put out through Project. Heartbeats for this seminal electro event in Glasgow  -
Since the 30th of August 2010 Heartbeats and its collective of Glasgow based artists have been releasing compilation CD's and throwing parties for everyone willing to listen, this is their story so far.

On the 2nd of November Project. is proud to present the Glasgow premier of the Heartbeats documentary followed by an official after party with the Heartbeats collective.

Premier Screening - November 2nd 2012

Inn Deep
445 Great Wester Road
0141 357 1075
Free Entry
Doors: 20:00
Show: 20:30

Official After Party

Heartbeats Collective
Flat 0/1
162 Bath Street
0141 331 6227
Free Entry
Doors: 23:00

In association with Sound In Town & Synth Glasgow.
I shall be one of the many heartbeat acts making a lot of noise down at the aftershow. We would be most honoured if you came to the screening, then celebrated the launch over at Flat 0/1, with us all :-)

We are all very proud of Guy for putting this documentary together, so you all have the opportunity to peer inside, seeing just what we get up too over at Heartbeats! The man truly is a wizard of film!

Ohh and please remember its all FREE ENTRY......

Love to you all.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Everything Is About Palestine. Peace for Iran + Freedom for Gaza!

This current push for war with Iran by Israel and The U.S. is massively tied up with Palestine and The Gaza Strip!

Israel is using Iran as the spark for a massive World War, as every major expert in the west has stated that if Israel attacks Iran then it will be suicide. Couple this with their current treatment of the Palestinian people, we see that Israel wants to destroy everyone that does not follow their agenda. Of course Israels allies are America, The UK and other similar countries and when we look at these countries we see state sponsored terrorism and other manipulations by the global bankers.

If you want freedom for the world then you are defined as a terrorist by the American Government. I reject Government that uses violence and force to keep its power. I reject Governments that use economical means to force control over their people. I reject any Government that wants to tell me (or anyone) how I should live my life.

If you look at what the agenda is then it becomes blatant. Firstly it is our Governments that are the real terrorists. Israel has caused more death and destruction than any other country I can think of, even more so than Nazi Germany. In this context it is clear that the agenda is to use Israel as a way to push the middle east into a massive conflict that will spill out into a global conflict, sparking world war 3.

Are we really just going to sit around and watch crap on TV while some of the worlds most disgusting atrocities are carried out on people in Gaza on a daily basis. Religion has a lot to answer for, Christians, Judaism, you pick but all religions just seem to give an excuse to go to war with those that do not agree with your religion. Religion has provided an excuse over the centuries for humans to treat other humans in the most horrific ways.

Of course I am not saying you or anyone else should not worship a religion, I am saying that if you then use that religion as an excuse to kill and torture, then I have an issue. A big freaking issue!

Gaza is an open air prison of the worst kind and they are being used as pawns, as Israel manoeuvres to condemn Iran for "maybe" making nuclear weapons, when Israel will not even disclose how many nuclear weapons they have themselves. Iran is declared as a dangerous regime, yet Israel shells children, families, guns down men, women and children on a daily basis in Gaza. So who is the dangerous regime?

Please watch this interview given by Max Igan live from Gaza Strip. It is a ground breaking wake up call for us all.

The definition of Terrorism is as follows;
"the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes."
Does that definition possibly fit into the actions of Israel, America and The UK?

We must all wake up to this and stand firm and stop Israel from destroying the world on behalf of the Global Elite and Bankers! Remember no average person of any country wants war. It is just the psychotic leaders that want war.

I, We, You are open to peace and true freedom. Lets make it happen!

Love to you all!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I Smell Poopiepoop's And Lies

Silly childishness aside, this Telegraph article does reek of propaganda.

The above picture comes from David Icke's website. Here is the post he made on this Telegraph article.

I want to know when was the last time Iran ever attacked any other country? Lets compare  Iran's war record with that other Country that DOES have NUKES and is attacking the entire world including its own mother and the kitchen sink!

I find it hard to believe the propagandist machine that is called the "Press", and I would bet money that this article (plus all the others that follow the agenda to demonize Iran) has left out some major points; Points that will pretty much say Iran has complied with all inspections and nothing out of the ordinary is present. This article seems to gloss over the fact that Iran can legally enrich uranium to low levels in order to create electricity. Of course anyone can take a report, read it, then only pick the points that make Iran look as if they are building nukes, its called spin.....look it up!

Here is the start of the article
"Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to make an atom bomb within two to four months and then would need an additional eight to 10 months to build the device, experts said on Monday.
Notice the wording in this short paragraph. It does not state Iran has nukes, it just says they could have the capacity to build nukes! they dramatize that bit of spin too good effect in the sentence, so you don’t read it as could, sub consciously you read it as they "have"! They also end with stating this is the opinion of experts. Thus completing the propaganda spin. If experts said this then they must be right, they are experts after all.

Read the full article for yourself then ask; Do you believe what is being said? Take a look at this article from the perspective of the middle east!

Finally lets put this in context. Turkey has started shelling Syria based on the accusation that Syria shelled Turkey when in fact it was a staged NATO shelling, in an attempt  to push Turkey into a war with Syria (NATO gave its weapons to Syria rebels to facilitate conflict between the two countries). Couple that with the ongoing nuclear propaganda with Iran; if war does break out fully we could be looking at something beyondf what we have seen in our lifetimes thus far.

We must shout and protest and withdraw our money from our Governments if they insist on going to war with Iran. We must send a message. Our Governments do not have the right to go to war on our money at the expense of our freedoms and lives. We will not allow it

Love to you all.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Dub Pistols - Mucky Weekend - Binary Zero Remix

I have let loose my remix that I did for Amazing Radio competition. Please enjoy!

Love To You All!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

BBC Conspiracy Road Trip: 7/7 Bombings - The Propaganda show for the Government

Ahhh the BBC. A monolithic institution that spews forth Government speak on demand. They even made a really dumb program about how 7/7 was not a conspiracy. Do they think that the people of Britain are that stupid? Probably!

So thankfully the guys at have done a debunking piece in the form of an interview, phewww. This 40 minute interview gives inside information into what really happened during the filming of The 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip that recently aired on the BBC. Jon Scobie (a participant of the show) and member of WeAreChange Birmingham, details the way the BBC distorted the facts and purposely left out major points that simply cannot be dis proven or do not flow with the official propaganda line sent out by Government.

Ohhhhhh nooooo, we "Conspiracy Theorists"  have provable evidence that shows Government to be complicit. The BBC clearly could not cope with that (cue panic and  running around and some involuntary screaming by BBC staff of show)......shit, not sure if the term conspiracy theorist applies anymore, After all we have facts backed up by actual real evidence. Of course the term still works if you wish to use it as a slur to make someone who seeks out evidence and truth look stupid! Funnily enough it seemed like the BBC used it as such in the show, just my perception though.

Remember that we all pay a licence fee to the BBC within the UK, in order to watch TV. So why should we accept this, if we pay for our TV do we want propaganda bull or do we want the truth and a fair and unbiased investigation into the events of 7/7, or any other major incident for that matter?

Here are a few links to information mentioned during the interview. I foound this information in less than 10 minutes -

Peter Powers and Viso

Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson and the Infowars team for doing this interview and thanks, especially, to Jon Scobie for blowing the whistle on this obviously biased show by the BBC.

You can watch A Conspiracy Road Trip: 7/7 Bombings here.

Love to you all.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Amazing Beats airplay never happened on Friday due to unforseen circumstances

First of all big ups to Amazing Beats and Mark Ryan and his staff. However sometimes problems happen. It turns out I received an email stating I was going to have a track played on Fridays edition of Amazing Beats. What had happened was an unforeseen error in the mail out system and it had included a whole bunch of artists not on the playlist!

These things do happen so I hold no grudge. Amazing Radio and especially Amazing Beats do a top job in promoting underground electronic music. Keep it up guys.

BIg ups to the Dub Pistols remix comp winner - Mithja Tjamil

I can only look on the upside of all this. I got over 1500 hits in a few hours to my blog......woop woop. Of course non of you got to hear my track so as a little treat for all those that logged in last night hoping to catch one of my tracks, here is my 2012 entry to the Dub Pistols remix competition for Amazing Beats.

Enjoy and love to you all.

David Icke at Bestival - Engaging and thought provoking stuff

Love or hate the man, no one can deny that he has some very powerful information to tell us all; and maybe we should just shut up and listen :-) I have been doing just that for a long time now.

It is so easy to dismiss David Icke as a crazy, a mental or just some one in need of help! Of course he is not any of these things. In my view he is the single most important speaker, researcher and writer of our time.

What he talks about (for the most part) is unfolding in front of our eyes on a daily basis. The global elite want a world currency and they want a one world government or as it otherwise is known as The New World Order. They have stated that we are slaves to their banking system openly on CNBC recently, which just goes to prove the arrogance of these people. They think we are all so stupid that non of us will notice what they are doing even when they spell it out. I liken the mentality of the Elite to a pet owner. You would not make concessions to not discuss taking your cat to the vet in front of it, we all know the cat does not understand, so say what you like in front of the cat. The Elites see us in the same way, they just assume we are such a lower species to them that we simply will not understand even when they say "We Will Control And Enslave You", in front of us. The Elites want nothing short of total control over their cattle. We are their cattle, their pets to amuse them and feed them.

At this point I want to briefly discuss a few of Icke's ideas that he lays out in his books. Firstly Infinte love and the idea we live on a holographic reality. I definitely agree with David on infinite love and the nature of our reality. This seems to resonate for me in a very big way as I have always been into meditation and expanding ones mind and mental internal discovery. Interestingly enough science is beginning to confirm a lot of this stuff, I and others just instinctively know. Science is beginning to show that our reality could be holographic, could just be energy and not solid. Scientists such as  Nassim Haramein plus many others are well on the way to proving the infinity of reality and the holographic nature of reality.

Personally I am open to the Reptilian agenda he discusses. I am into alot of esoteric research and I watched every episode of the History Channels Ancient Aliens series. Which was extremely well done and gave a fair and non bias airing to the views that inter-dimensional or extraterrestrial life could have been on earth and had dealings with earth throughout our planets history. However I would say that if you want to truly understand what Icke means by Reptilians controlling the world, then read his books. You could also read Chariots Of The Gods; plus I would strongly suggest that you do your own research. Due to the fact that this part of what David talks about is quite difficult for people to take on board, I leave it up to you to find out for yourself, in your own time and own way. The real truth can never be ignored, even if it goes against what you consider as normal.

I would also like to tackle one of the points made by Richard Strange during the Bestival talk. Richard picks up on one of David's points and he starts suggesting that society would fall apart (no people to drive buses  no people to clean toilets etc etc) if we lived in a free world that followed the ideas Icke puts across, I say take a look at Voluntary Societal systems, The British Constitution Group also has some good ideas on how we may live in a society that would be similar to what Icke talks of.. I would also suggest that a good place to start would be to reduce the power of Government so they can only administrate, making sure essential services keep running but have no control over money or the power to create laws. The people decide what goes and how it goes, Government simply obeys/ We rid ourselves of central banks and get rid of interest on our money. That would certainly be a very good start. We can still have banks in limited form if we feel it is needed to begin with, essentially just storage areas for our earned money. Richard Strange it is not hard to think about what society could move towards if we drop this current model.. Your argument was flawed and based on no real research.

On a second and final point, someone in the crowd challenges Icke; Asking how much he was getting paid for his appearance at Bestival. Icke replies with the answer "Fuck All", Richard Strange then says, that is not entirely true and reasons that his appearance will generate sales for his books and purchase of tickets for his up coming show. My question is; And What? We are forced to live in a system where earning money in order to buy food is pretty much a necessity, or in order to have any kind of quality to ones life you need money to do so. So what is wrong with Icke earning money in order to buy food for his family and put a roof over their heads by doing the thing he so passionately cares about? The attitude that asks such questions always smacks of jealousy to me. For I bet he has a job he probably does not like. It therefore seem he cannot cope with the fact that a guy he doesn't agree with earns more money than him, but does so in a way that is 100 times more productive and uplifting for humanity as a whole than the job he has!

Anyway please watch David Icke's appearance at Bestival. Decide for yourself and live free.

Love to you all.