Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Goodby BinaryZeroMusic. Hello New Blog. Read On For More :-)

Yes like many blog owners before me I have decided to rename and move my blog in order to create a better experience for all you lovely people who take the time to visit my blog!

Do not fret, I have imported all my posts that I have written over the last few years.  So why not have a dig through my archives when you visit my new blog and see what you find!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here running the Binary Zero Music blog but due to my upcoming massive musical re-branding I am now separating my artist content from my blog in order to create a more coherent experience for all you lovely folk!

So here it is, the grand unveiling.....drum roll please........:-)

My new blog is called The Fundamental Sine Wave
Here is the link so you can all easily bookmark it -

If you currently subscribe to this blog (Binary Zero Music) then please use the above link and resubscribe through the email subscription form . This will ensure that you keep up with all my new shiny posts I will soon be making!

If you use feedburner then I am happy to say that The Fundamental Sine Wave has been burned! All you feedburner users can subscribe to the feed here -

Please note that this blog will no longer be updated. The end of one adventure and the beginning of a new adventure! I hope to see you all over on my new platform. We can all go on the adventure together. An adventure with freedom, news and great underground music. The Fundamental Sine Wave. See you all soon!

Love to you all.